Take a Virtual tour of Ready Room Six onboard the San DiegoAircraft Carrier Museum the U.S.S.
Midway and see the present condition of the Ready Room and how the Ready Room will be restored
to the condition "as it was" during the Vietnam Era.

RR6 Status Report / RR6 Latest news


Ready Room #6 aboard the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum (U.S.S. Midway) was formerly the Ready Room for VF-161 during the Viet Nam era.   The squadron flew the F-4 Phantom during that period.   Today the Phantom Phlyers Association has completed restoration of the Ready Room to a condition which reflects that period.   It is intended to provide museum visitors with the opportunity to experience what life was like aboard ship for the aircrews that flew the Phantom during that period.   The Ready Room will be available after hours for special events such as squadron reunions or corporate meetings.

The Phantom Phlyers Association (www.PhantomPhlyers.org) is lead by a Board of Directors composed of volunteers who have the responsibility to establish the direction, oversee the implementation and the ongoing maintenance and content of the Ready Room. Each member of the Board of Directors is a former Phantom aircrew member. To date this Board along with four additional key volunteers has completed the following:

(i) Executed a lease with the Museum to secure the rights to the Ready Room, (ii) established a bank account and identified funding sources, (iii) established 501 ( c ) 3 status for the Phantom Phlyers Association, (iv) established a conceptual plan for the restoration and received approval from the museum, (v) removed the commercial T-Bar ceiling and bulkhead paneling, (vi) replaced doors and hatches and cut viewing ports into the operations./maintenance office, (vii) rehabilitated electrical and lighting, (viii) replaced original acoustic overhead, (ix) relocated SDO desk, (x) identified component parts for 25 Ready Room chairs. All of the components were off loaded, powder coated and reupholstered. They are now reassembled and have been relocated to Ready Six.

New V.C.T. flooring and base has been installed. The entire compartment has been repainted. The bulkheads currently display plaques of each U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Squadron that flew the Phantom. All of the squadron emblems have been fabricated. The plaques have the squadron emblem and a brief squadron history. Three video displays will be present. Two are located above the SDO desk. One will explain the function of the Ready Room and depict life in the Ready Room. The other has a continuous loop of P.L.A.T. films. The third will be hidden behind the front display boards and will be available only for special events to show movies or archive films. A podium at the front of the room displays the Phantom logo. The two display boards (in place of the white boards) display Phantom facts and carrier approaches. The "Greenie board" and a P.O.W. /K.I.A. display are located opposite the S.D.O. desk. The operations/maintenance office is secure and has Plexiglas viewing ports. Log books, aircraft status boards, flight gear, yellow shirt and dungarees are on display here

We intend to assemble a comprehensive video library and develop a dramatic video to continue to improve the experience for visitors. We need funding and we need additional content. Your contributions of money or photos/film will help to preserve the legacy of this aircraft and the aircrews that flew it. Our website is up and running. You can log on to learn more or to find how to contact us. Better yet, log on and become a member where you can upload and download pictures and reconnect with members of the Phantom community. After three years of working on weekends in the Ready Room and many hours off-site, a small group of dedicated volunteers completed Ready Room #6 on time. It is now open to the public and a part of the Midway Museum experience. It is available for after hours events especially to our members. We hope you can visit soon. We are certain that you will be proud to be a part of the legacy of the F-4 Phantom.

The Board consists of:

Jack Ensch
Jim Laing
Darrell Gary
John Ed Kerr
John Monroe Smith
Sam Hallmark